AstroImager 2.1, AstroTelescope 1.7 and AstroGuider 1.2 release

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AstroImager 2.1, AstroTelescope 1.7 and AstroGuider 1.2 release

Post by admin » Sat Apr 30, 2016 8:02 am

Both trial and commercial versions are available. ... 4110?mt=12 ... 7015?mt=12 ... 1899?mt=12

This is the list of the improvements:
  • AstroDSLR is added to our toolset, very similar to AstroImager, but intended for use with DSLR instead of astro camera. In version 1.0 only for Canon cameras supported with Canon EDSDK 3.2. AstroDSLR is still available as public beta.
  • AstroImager and AstroGuider have now built­in support for ZWO ASI cameras (no hot­plug yet, remember to connect camera before you start application).
  • AstroTelescope has now “simple LX protocol mode” to support mounts not fully compatible with Meade controllers or EQMac.
  • AstroTelescope map can be controlled with notebook trackpad gestures (zoom and rotation) and can be flipped in both axes.
  • RA/Dec axes, North/South and East/West directions can be switched for manual and joystick control in AstroTelescope.
  • Tracking speed in AstroTelescope is now selected automatically for slewing target (lunar for moon, solar for sun, sidereal for everything else).
  • AstroTelescope has now polar alignment helper panel with polar scope reticle, local mean sidereal time and polar angle values.
  • AstroGuider has now Solar/Lunar guiding mode.
  • AstroGuider can use stacked (and averaged) image now.

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