INDIGO AstroImager & AstroDSLR

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Re: INDIGO AstroImager & AstroDSLR

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Did you hit here:

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07:38:32.580693 indigo_server: indigo_ccd_gphoto2: CCD_IMAGE_FORMAT_PROPERTY FITS/RAW uses compression format 'RAW'
^C07:38:54.991472 indigo_server: Shutdown initiated (signal 2)...

If yes, why?
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Re: INDIGO AstroImager & AstroDSLR

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Yes, ctrl-C.

Because after connecting AstroDSLR to the camera service published by the server, AstroDLSR does not show the control parameters (they remain grayed out) and I cannot control the camera at all.
Sometimes AstroDLSR hangs and I have to force quit.

Once I was done collecting the logs from indigo-server for troubleshooting, I ctrl-Ced it...

Connecting AstroDLSR to Indigo Sky had the same behavior, but I did not know how to get logs out of it.
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Re: INDIGO AstroImager & AstroDSLR

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Bulb issue with remote gphoto2 driver in sequencer fixed: