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INDIGO to GO for Mac & remote monitoring

Posted: Thu Nov 12, 2020 5:45 pm
by aaron
Hi all!

First of all, thank you PETER for allowing me to use his board to talk about my software 😉. INDIGO to GO builds on the work he and his team have done, but it's not part of Cloudmakers.

I'm happy to make two big announcements.

First, INDIGO to GO is now available for macOS Bug Sur which Apple is releasing today. 💻 🖥 Just like the iPhone version, the app connects to your INDIGO agents — InidgoSky and Astro v4 only — to provide a single-screen summary of your imaging session.

  • macOS 11 "Big Sur"
  • indigosky or AstroImager/Guider/Monitor v4+
v1.1-monitor-mac.png (495.01 KiB) Viewed 80 times
The second announcement is that version 1.1 is now truly "to GO"! When the Mac app and the iPhone app are used together, you are able to monitor your astrophotography sessions even when away from your local network. The Mac app can publish your live monitoring data to the cloud, and this data can be read using the iPhone app. We've done this with a focus on privacy:
  • Both the Mac and iPhone apps use Sign in with Apple to create a unique identifier, and we never receive your name or email address.
  • Only monitored INDIGO data is published to the cloud, so we strip out identifying information such as longitude and latitude.
  • Publishing is off by default, and is on only if you want it.
  • We use Google Firebase, which is well established as a secure and simple system for this sort of thing.
v1.1-settings-remote.PNG (195.65 KiB) Viewed 80 times
  • macOS 11 "Big Sur" on the Mac side, and iOS 14 on the iPhone side
  • indigosky or AstroImager/Guider/Monitor v4+
INDIGO to GO is now on the App Store for Mac and iOS. It's also open source and published on GitHub.

I look forward to your feedback and suggestions. Thanks all!

Re: INDIGO to GO for Mac & remote monitoring

Posted: Thu Nov 12, 2020 7:11 pm
by JohanB
Great Aaron, looking good! Will try it out over the weekend and let you know.

Regards, johan

Re: INDIGO to GO for Mac & remote monitoring

Posted: Sun Nov 15, 2020 10:23 am
by JohanB
Hi Aaron,

Gave the Mac OS app a go; it al works fine. Ran the iPhone remotely over 4G, fine as well. Great, and elegant server discovery via Apple!

Only thing i noticed in the Mac OS app is that is does not display previews from my Canon camera, when running a sequence in AD. Strangly enough, when i run AD with the same imager agent and the DSLR simulator in stead of the Canon, Indigo-to-go does show the preview.

Tried different image formats with the Canon (RAW, jpg); no preview in Indigo-to-go. Checked to see if the imager agent had a preview available from the Canon, which seems to be the case (see attached screen shot). I'm running the Imager Agent on a RPi, with the latest Indigo lib, as per this morning.

Regards, Johan

Screenshot 2020-11-15 at 10.20.38.png
Screenshot 2020-11-15 at 10.20.38.png (960.87 KiB) Viewed 68 times

Re: INDIGO to GO for Mac & remote monitoring

Posted: Sun Nov 15, 2020 10:27 am
by JohanB
Hi Aaron,

Correction on the previous message; when i scrolled a bit further down in the ICP, i noticed that what i was looking at was the "Image Data" and not the "Preview Image Data"; which appears to be empty when using the Canon. So, the issue appears to be in the Imager Agent and not in Indigo-to-go.

Regards, Johan

Re: INDIGO to GO for Mac & remote monitoring

Posted: Sun Nov 15, 2020 8:40 pm
by Peter Polakovic
For Canon (and all DSLRs supported with indigo_ccd_ptp driver) is "Preview Image Data" populated only for dual format modes (RAW + JPEG) with JPEG image. Peter