New app idea: iPad flat maker

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New app idea: iPad flat maker

Post by aaron »

How does everyone make their flats?

I cover my lens with a white t-shirt, and point the scope at my iPad. I then use a “night light” app for the iPad. But then for each filter I adjust the iPad brightness and exposure time to get the flat exposure I want. This process is annoying. And the app I use is fiddly and easily leaves the full-screen illumination.

Last night I thought about an iPad app specifically for making flats. It could speak Indigo, and collaborate with the imager agent to find the best illumination for each filter. Then the system could calibrate each flat to use the same exposure — say 2s — which would allow for simple flat darks.

Is there interest in such an app?
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Re: New app idea: iPad flat maker

Post by iMustBcrazy »

Hi Aaron, not to be critical but a flat is such an approximate correction that it doesn't really warrant much complexity. Rule 1, keep the sensor (and image train) clean and don't use flats to correct a dirty sensor. 2) a simple approximate exposure to the dusk sky will give very good flats and it's very easy to do without any special equipment or software.
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