What is INDIGO?

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What is INDIGO?

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INDIGO is a system of standards and frameworks for multiplatform and distributed astronomy software development.

You can consider it as a next generation of INDI based on layered architecture and software bus. INDIGO uses the same astronomical hardware abstraction as INDI, but removes some of its design limitations, dramatically improves its performance in some typical scenarios and overcomes license restrictions to allow both non-commercial and commercial use.

The building blocks of distributed INDIGO system are software buses, drivers, agents, protocol adapters and clients. INDIGO defines an architecture, driver and client APIs, communication protocols and data formats to make everything work together.

The code is developed under developer friendly open source license by the INDIGO Initiative members and it is already adopted by multiple independent softvare vendors for both free and commercial products. E.g. CloudMakers Astro suite, PixInsight and APT is already available and some more are under development and will follow soon.

A starting point to learn more can be found here:


A code repository of INDIGO and associated projects is hosted on GitHub:

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