What is INDIGO server?

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What is INDIGO server?

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INDIGO server is a piece of software providing an instance of INDIGO software bus and an environment for hosting other components like drivers, agents and protocol adapters.

All these components are connected to the bus either in driver role or client role (or both in case of some agents) and the bus handles the effective message routing between them.

The buses in different servers can be connected into hierarchical structure with protocol adapters and network, pipes or other communication channel. In such case one adapter in slave server is in client role, while its counterpart in master server is in driver role.

Drivers handles the communication between the hardware on one side and INDIGO bus on another. Agents provides application logic for high level operations carried out by astronomical software and protocol adapters handles communication with other servers or clients over various protocols.

Server can be either standalone or embedded. Standalone instance is good for building physically distributed systems. An example of standalone server is a service installed in INDIGO Sky operating system, what is complete Linux system for RaspberryPi machines. Another example is INDIGO Server for macOS, what is server bundled with a control panel user interface running on Apple computers.

Embedded server instance is good for application which should work also without any remote server. E.g. AstroImager, AstroGuider and AstroTelescope embed INDIGO server, so they can work either as standalone applications or clients to remote servers.
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