How can INDIGO interoperate with INDI?

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How can INDIGO interoperate with INDI?

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INDIGO was initially designed to be backward compatible with INDI on the communication level to utilise existing driver base, but during last couple of years not just INDIGO, but also INDI evolved from this point a little bit and nobody can guarantee that particular INDI driver can be used with INDIGO applications anymore.

Any INDIGO client can connect to any INDI server and vice-versa, communication fallbacks to legacy protocol version 1.7 automatically. In such case also names of most well-known properties and property items are mapped to their legacy counterparts. Nevertheless, features like video streaming or snooping are implemented differently in INDI and INDIGO and are not compatible.

INDIGO servers has some features not available with INDI at all, e.g. automatic Bonjour/mDNS service discovery, built-in JSON communication protocol, hot-plug support for USB devices, etc.

The protocol version 1.7 is very inefficient for large data volume, so unless it is really necessary, use INDIGO components only to make sure protocol version 2.0 is used.
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