"Failed to connect" to Celestron CGX

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"Failed to connect" to Celestron CGX

Post by MountainAir »

Hi Peter,

I am using version 4.0 (603) of AstroTelescope after a long hiatus. I love the new UI in version 4, but I'm afraid I cannot connect to my mount. I'm running a USB cable from the Mac to the Ultimate Power Box V2, which then has a USB cable to the mount (not the hand controller). In AT I selected Nexstar Mount, and under Ports I assigned Mount Nexstar to /dev/cu.usbmodem_CGX_v11. However, I keep getting this:

19:51:38.520 'Mount Nexstar' selected
19:51:43.555 indigo_mount_nexstar[mount_open:109, 0x7000072c8000]: open_telescope(/dev/cu.usbmodem_CGX_v11) = -1 (Undefined error: 0)
19:51:43.563 Failed to connect

Any ideas? Thanks!
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Peter Polakovic
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Re: "Failed to connect" to Celestron CGX

Post by Peter Polakovic »

Did you change the computer or upgraded macOS version? You may need to install some operating system level driver for the USB-to-serial chip in the mount.

If it is not the case, does the port /dev/cu.usbmodem_CGX_v11 really exist?

Does it still work with version 3.16 but doesn't with 4.1?
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